When: I got these boots in about… 1996? I think…

Where: Shellys in London

How much: About £50 I think? I remember they weren’t cheap!

About: How awesome are these Red Boots! I love them! BUT, I’m pretty sure that since owning these boots I have moved house more times than I have worn them. I put them on again and they were agony! I think I injured myself just wearing them long enough to take some photos.


Wear it out?: I’ve given them to a sure-footed friend of mine and she loves them as much as I do, but with the advantage of being able to wear them without being crippled, and now I get to see them out and about all the time with my friend! Win-win.

Old Blue Hoody


When: I bought this in 1995 or 1996.

Where: New Look

How much: I can’t remember!

About:  I love this hoody. It is lightweight, it goes with everything. It has been on many adventures with me. It is getting a bit scruffy now – but to me that is part of its charm.

Wear it out?: I wear this hoody all the time, I will wear it until it wears out.