VDoll Skirt

VDoll Skirt

VDoll Skirt

When: Ooh a long time ago. I would guess year 2000.

Where: A surf shop in Polzeath, Cornwall. There were several surf shops – I forget which one.

How much: I don’t remember, but I’m pretty sure it was reduced, but still more than I would usually pay, and I agonised for some time before deciding to treat myself as I was on holiday and get it.

About: Its a great garment, and truly ‘surfy’. Although it is a bit shorter than most of my skirts it is sort of padded so it is thick and warm, and although it is not tight there is no chance of it blowing up in a risqué fashion in a breeze. It also fits over jeans, which is a way I often like to wear skirts.

Wear it out?:  I love this skirt and I will wear it until it wears out.

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