Old Blue Hoody


When: I bought this in 1995 or 1996.

Where: New Look

How much: I can’t remember!

About:  I love this hoody. It is lightweight, it goes with everything. It has been on many adventures with me. It is getting a bit scruffy now – but to me that is part of its charm.

Wear it out?: I wear this hoody all the time, I will wear it until it wears out.

2 thoughts on “Old Blue Hoody

  1. You got this hoody when I was five or six years old Felicity! I am in awe of your dedication to keeping clothes for so long!! Although I usually only buy secondhand clothes and most of mine would be just as old as this (if not then alot older), I like to get rid of mine and get new ones all the time. 🙂 It’s a great hoody though! xx

    • Thanks L! I’m not sure if I had got into second hand clothes at this point.
      There was a stage when I was younger when I actually would refuse to even step into a second hand shop!
      At the stage I was at when I bought this hoody I certainly gave no thought as to where it had come from or how long I would have it for. I don’t keep all my clothes forever, but this one has stayed with me. It holds a lot of memories, it is still comfortable and I still like how it looks.

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